Mapping your environmental impact: data collection automation for accurate carbon inventory

In an increasingly conscious context of sustainability importance, companies of all sizes are seeking ways to reduce their environmental impact. The carbon inventory, which maps a company’s greenhouse gas emissions, becomes a crucial tool in this process.

However, collecting data for an accurate carbon inventory can be complex and laborious. That’s where automation tools, like Flowy, become essential allies to assist companies in this challenge.

Automating data collection and gathering data from multiple sources

With Flowy, you can automate data collection from various sources, such as energy systems, water consumption, transportation, and logistics, eliminating manual work and ensuring information reliability.

Flowy allows centralizing all relevant data for the carbon inventory in one place. This facilitates cross-analysis of information and obtaining a comprehensive view of the company’s environmental impact.

Creating customized forms and organizing data in a structured way

With Flowy, you can create custom forms to collect specific data from different areas of the company, such as employees, suppliers, and partners. This ensures that all necessary information for the carbon inventory is efficiently collected.

Flowy stores collected data in a secure and organized database, facilitating access and analysis of information. This allows you to identify patterns and trends in resource consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Analyzing data in real-time

Flowy features Power BI, allowing you to visualize collected data in interactive dashboards and reports, facilitating the identification of carbon emissions reduction opportunities.

This enables real-time data sharing with your team, facilitating collaboration and joint decision-making so that everyone is on the same page and actions to reduce environmental impact are taken quickly and efficiently.

The Flowy platform allows configuring automated workflows based on collected data. This means you can automate tasks such as sending reminders to employees about environmental best practices, generating periodic carbon emissions reports, and implementing consumption reduction measures.

Start using Flowy today and take the first step to reduce your environmental impact and build a greener future for your business!

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